Foster: It’s time for the NBA to stow down players from constantly arguing with referees calls

By Kyle Foster

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If you’ve watched an NBA game recently you’ve probably come to realize that a lot of the players are always discussing every call that an official makes with the refs after a play or series of plays. It’s time for the league to calm the players down.

If you take a look at Major League Baseball and the National Football League, the other two main sports leagues, the players aren’t always all over the officials or umpires like in pro basketball, so by the NBA allowing the players to constantly give their input on a call it creates a bad business model. The NBA will always have their fans no doubt, but this seems like it’s just an overall bad shadow over the league. Not to mention the constant arguin just slows the game down and it’s no fun to watch as a spectator. 

For example, LeBron James is always talking to the refs whether he gets the call or not. James is a superstar is the NBA that’s won three titles, numerous MVPs,made multiple NBA Finals appearances, and started multiple All-Star games, so that’s why I say the image isn’t one that Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA would want.Then you have the guys like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant very seldomly are on the officials about a call, and if they don’t get a call most of the time they keep a cool head and just keep playing the game.

Aren’t these players also role models for aspiring basketball players? If that stands true then some of these players aren’t doing a real good job of showing the young how to honor and respect the game. Chris Paul getting of the bench in game six and seven of the Western Conference Finals when he wasn’t even playing and talking to an official isn’t the way of guidance you’d want your kid to see as a parent I’d think. Everyone is subject to an opinion, but there is a point when it gets to be too much.

Another reason for the league to step in with a solution is the fact the the officials simply have no control over a game anymore. With the amount of physicality and rule violations that aren’t called it might be smart to reign the game in a little bit more. The games would be more viewer friendly if the refs can regain control.

So now the question becomes what can the NBA do about it? An option that is always available is to fine the player, but to the issue with that is these guys are making millions of dollars and a few thousand dollars is pocket change, so with that fining them would be out of the equation. Another possibility is to make it an automatic technical after the second time arguing a call. There’s enough of a tolerance there for the players to get their point across. If you throw in the fact that after a certain amount of technicals the player misses a game then that might be the way that works. The last option is to just tell the officials to ref the game and not acknowledge the players at all.    

It would sure be nice if the NBA could stop the jawwing all together, but if it can’t be stopped completely the breaks need to be put on. Pro basketball is already being accused of rigging the conference finals to set up Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Part IV, so this idea might help the game as a whole.




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