Foster: Should the College Football Playoff expand to an eight-team field?

By Kyle Foster

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After Monday’s Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual, and the Allstate Sugar Bowl that were College Football Playoff semifinals that ended up setting up an all-Southeastern Conference National Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Georgia Bulldogs the question has now become should the CFP expand to an eight team field?

There’s many arguments for it, and plenty against it. Many people think that the University of Central Florida should’ve made the playoff, since they beat Auburn who beat both Alabama, and Georgia which is a valid point. Think about this: Do you think UCF would’ve had a chance to beat Clemson?

Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports doesn’t think CFP should expand to an eight-team field. He thinks the best of the best need to make the playoff, and he thinks this year like past years the CFP got it right.

“Great is rare,” he said on his show The Herd with Colin Cowherd Tuesday. “Let’s not pretend we need more teams in a playoff.”

On the other side of this argument is Nick Wright also of Fox Sports who thinks an eight team field would work better than the current four team field.

“An eight team playoff where the five conference champions get in, where there are three wildcards determined by the (College Football) playoff ranking with the caveat that if you’re an undefeated group of five team you’re auto-in, is the best process, it’s the fairest process,” Wright said Tuesday on Fox Sports First Things First. “It allows for a team like UCF to not be the only undefeated team in the country yet have no shot at the national championship.”

The pros for a possible eight-team playoff is the college football season would expand by a game, which also the con here. For example let’s take a look at Georgia who played in the Southeastern Conference championship game before the CFP semifinal, an eight-team field would mean Georgia who will participate in Monday’s CFP National Championship presented by AT&T would play a total of 16 games, the equivalent to a full NFL season. Most people would look at a possible 16 game slate as fine thinking that at the next level the players will have to play that much anyway, so what’s the big deal? Another pro is more games means more money, but at the same time it could mean less money if the bowl games aren’t set.  

Although not the same as the CFP in 2011 the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament expanded from 64 to 68 teams, so more teams could be included. In 2012 Major League Baseball expanded it’s playoffs from a eight-team field to 10, and I think that’s working great. The College Football Playoff doesn’t need to expand to the fact to where too many teams are in, and we don’t get classic games like we did in the Georgia-Oklahoma Rose Bowl.   

I’m on the fence as to whether or not the playoff should expand. I don’t think the playoff will ever expand due to the fact that four teams is how the CFP started, and they wouldn’t want to expand it more than likely. I do however think that an all-SEC National Championship is bad for college football, considering the Big Ten, and Pac-12 are the deepest conferences in the game, and neither of those conferences were represented in the semifinals.



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