Foster: Is the Giants losing 100 games or more a bad thing?

By Kyle Foster

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There are many words you can use to describe the 2017 San Francisco Giants — words like agony, long, and tough come to mind for me — however there is one silver lining that can still happen, and one that most Giants fans should be rooting to happen or maybe not. With a single win in their final three games of the season the Giants won’t,  I repeat won’t lose 100 games. Update: The Giant won’t lose triple-dodger games with Friday’s 8-0 win over the Padres. 

It’s crazy to think three years after the Giants has just won their third World Series title in the last five years that we’d be talking about being happy about not losing 100 or more games, but Giants fans must realize this ever since the all-star break in the 2016 season the orange and black have been the worst team in baseball. To put it in perspective for you as of July 11th of 2017 the Giants record since the 2016 mid-Summer Classic is 64-98, that’s also over a 162 game stretch to put that even more into perspective. There’s no sense in calculating how bad they’ve been up to this point since the the 2016 all-star break, because it’ll simply tell us the same story, and quite frankly something we already know that they’re no good.

This season through 159 games the Giants have a team earned run average of 4.54 which is 17th in the MLB, and 9th in the National League. The pitching actually hasn’t been as much of the problem this season, as much as fans want to point to the bullpen as the issue. I believe the issue has been hitting where San Francisco has a .248 batting average, but the Dodgers are 20th in the MLB in hitting with a .249 average. SF is ranked 23rd in MLB, and 13th in the NL in batting, both are very very low for a Giants team I think. The Giants have never been a team that will out hit you, but they’ve been a team who will fight a scratch for wins, and to be fair they have fought all year even though they were the worse team going into most games.   

So how do the Giants fix all of their issues in the offseason? Well it’s going to take a while, and whole lot of work by Brian Sabean the head of baseball operations, and general manager Bobby Evans. Number one on the to-do list needs to be to fix the outfield woes both offensively, and on defense, granted other Giants teams have been much better defensively, which in part was why they won their three titles. There will be many good free agent outfielders available in the offseason — Jarrod Dyson, Lorenzo Cain, J.D. Martinez, and possibly Justin Upton if he opts out with the Angels which could very well happen. Chances are Martinez will probably resign with his current team at Arizona Diamondbacks, especially given the fact ever since he’s been traded to them he’s been on fire. Cain will be very expensive, but the money could be worth it. Dyson will give you defense, defense, and some more defense. As far as Dyson’s hitting goes he can hit, just not like Martinez or Cain — I expect the Giants to sign Dyson to a two to three year deal.  

Chris Stratton or Ty Blach will more than likely be the number five starter next season, and if Matt Moore can come back to his 2016 version the pitching will be fine — as far as the bullpen goes Will Smith should be ready for Opening Day following Tommy John surgery, Sam Dyson has been a very good story, same with Kyle Crick. I’d expect Mark Melancon to be more of what the Giants wanted when they signed him last offseason, now that his pronator should be relieved of the pressure around it, he’s been dealing with the pronator injury since 2012. Expect a better bullpen in 2018.

I’d expect players like Brandon Belt, and Hunter Strickland to possibly be dealt in the offseason for help in the outfield.

All the Giants need to do is win once in their final three games against the Padres in a series that begins tonight at AT&T Park. If they win a game us Giants fan can maybe take not losing 100 games into the offseason as a moral victory, but there’s also this the D-Backs, and Minnesota Twins lost 100+ games last season, and they both are in the postseason this season, just think about that.    


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