Foster: Giants fans should be grateful for front office being aggressive this offseason

By Kyle Foster

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Who would’ve thought a 64-98 season could possibly be so rewarding? That’s the case for the San Francisco Giants, who have made a statement that they are going be aggressive this offseason, following a 98-loss season, along with the worst record in the National League.

In case you’ve been under a rock lately you know the Giants are one of the favorites to land NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton. It’s also been reported by multiple outlets the Giants are a finalist to sign Japanese two-way star Shohei Otani. Recently the Giants met with Stanton in Los Angeles, and it appears from a report from NBC Sports Bay Area that they met with Otani today in L.A.

If you’re a die-hard Giants fan like me you have to be loving this — of course there would be some disappointment if the Giants don’t get either of these guys, my guess however is that the Giants will land one of these, and the more likely option is Stanton.

Think about this: if the Giants win both the Stanton, and Otani sweepstakes that’s a major statement to rest of that ‘hey we’re back, and ready to win another World Series’. A lineup that has Buster Posey, Stanton, Brandon Crawford, Otani, and assuming Joe Panik isn’t traded in the Stanton deal that’d be a pretty formidable middle of the order. Stanton would be your right-handed power hitter, and Otani would be the same from the left side, and then there’s Posey who won the NL MVP in 2012. What about having Bumgarner pitch, and put Otani in left field, that’s a show in and of itself. With Otani the pitching rotation would be off-the-hook good — Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, Otani, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Moore, Ty Blach, and Chris Stratton — talk about depth well there you go.

The Giants do need to address third base, and their bullpen still, but pitching won’t have to be as perfect if they have all these big bats in the lineup — for example look at the Houston Astros. The Astros had a good bullpen sure, but when you score five runs every night that makes life a little easier on your starting pitching, and in the bullpen. If the Giants land Otani, and Stanton an old friend Eduardo Nunez is a perfect fit to come back to the team that traded him away last July. He’s a perfect candidate to be the leadoff guy again all while being a very versatile player who can play all over the field on any given day. Mike Moustakas would add to an already potential lineup that could mash with the best of them, but if you have no one to get on base then how will the power hitters get their RBIs? As far as the bullpen goes there’s plenty of cheap options for them to sign, but if they win all the top prizes well I’d say they’re the Golden State Warriors of MLB.       

I realize I’m in fantasy land with this, but if there’s one thing Giants fans should be thankful for it’s that the front office isn’t laying down after a horrible 2017 season. If the Giants end up with one of these top notch prizes the fans should be happy, because the front office is doing everything they can to bring another World Series title to the city by the Bay. After a season where it felt like there was barely any home runs hit you have to admire the front office for all they’re trying to do.

Kyle Foster

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